Is It A Telephone interview Or A Pre-screen?

There are no hard and fast rules what determines if it’s a telephone interview or a pre-screen.

Pre-screen is a very, very short conversation by phone that may screen for your abilities to speak English, to find out about your salary expectations, and to see if you are articulate and have acceptable to the employer communication skills. It’s a quick way to see if proceeding with an actual interview is the right step. [Read more…]

Good Job Interview Is Just A Good Story

There may be things that you don’t know about job interviews.  I  want to preset the stage and tell you a bit more about them.

Scientific research proved that a job interview predicts only 30% of successful performance on the job. That means that there is not even a 50-50 chance of picking a good candidate from a job interview. It’s really shooting in the dark. Nonetheless, the employers place their faith into their gut feelings and the recruitment process. [Read more…]