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Dear Friend,

Is the current statistics freaking you out, that you only have 20% chances of finding a job if you’ve been out of work for 6 months.

And ONLY 14%if it’s been over a year? And that’s during good times!

How long you’ve been looking for a job?

One month? Two months?

Meaning, you are only one or two monthly pay cheques short, so far?

What about…Six months?… More than a year?

I have been on both sides of the hiring fence. Several years ago I was a job seeker myself. I know how frustrating it is to be looking
for a job. How daunting it is sending out dozens and dozens of resumes and not to have any responses.

I also was on the side of the employer recruiting staff. I know how the system works from the inside. I know how your candidacy is
perceived based on what you write on your resume. And I also know which resumes end up in trashcan or shredder or on a hiring
manager’s desk.

If you’ve been sending out dozens and dozens of resumes and getting one or two interviews here and there… OR even worse… none at all… for months on end…



If you master the techniques I share on this website, you will be able to get 2-6 interview invitations for every 10 resumes sent out.

What would that do for you? For your job search? For your career?

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